Mentorship Programme

CASE Mentorship Program, 2015-2016

John Harvey
Roddy Graham
Steve Abbott
Dave Johnston
Frank Reed
Mike Stroh
Sam Small

Meagan Colaiacova (CIS)
Roberth Davis (UCCI)
Aaron West (Cayman Prep.)
Brad Johnston (Cayman Prep.)
Camila Pantin (CIS)
Christian Sigsworth (St. Ignatius)
Joshua Gonzalez (UCCI)

Schedule 2015 – 16

Dec 2nd, 2015, 6pmDiscovery CenterCMP Launch
Jan 29thDay 1Intro & Safety
Kimpton Site Visit
National Concrete
Feb 28thDay 2NCL Review
ORIA site
Mar 18thDay 3CUC, SOL, Water Auth.
Apr 29thDay 418 Forum Lane
Casa Luna
GOH Summary
May 25thPresident’s AwardsGraduation

CASE Mentorship Program, 2012-13

Building the Next Generation of Cayman Construction Professionals

Following its introduction and success, the CASE Mentoring Programme (CMP) enters its second year of operation. It is designed to interest, attract and assist young Caymanian students develop themselves and their professional careers in Architecture, Surveying or Engineering. Becoming a professional in the construction industry is challenging yet the rewards, achievements, quality of life and international recognition well compensate.

One of the major roles of the Program is to provide encouragement and guidance to the student to identify the questions to ask and the considerations to make in choosing the most appropriate offshore tertiary educational program to lead to internationally recognised professional standing and membership. Following the series of presentations to high schools and colleges, motivated students are invited to apply through their Career Guidance Officer to enter the CMP.

At the successful Launch Reception for Mentors, Students, Parents & Guardians, (Wednesday November 28th, 2012 at Camana Bay), a select group of candidates were chosen and matched to CASE volunteer Mentors:

Jonathan Ashton & Tifiany Rose
Eduardo Bernal & Nathaniel Stewart
Celecia Bancroft & Alex Balls
Garth Arch & Ryan Kyberd
Bryan Fitzgerald & Liana Anderson
Avatar Mathura & Jizana Brown
Frank Reed & Joven Swaby

Congratulations to all Mentees and best wishes on your Programme!

  • Mentor-Student Meeting & Site Visit Dates:
  1. Friday, 8:30am January 18th 2013 10am: Watercolours, ; pm: golf practice
  2. Friday, 8:30am February 22nd 2013 10am: CIG P & BCU pm: Discovery Center
  3. Friday, 8:30am March 15th 2013 10am: tba pm: tba
  4. Friday, 8:30am April 19th 2013 10am: Seagrape House pm: tba
  • Closing Reception, Graduation & Top Mentee Prize at the President’s Awards Ceremony: Wednesday, 5:30pm June 5th, 2013, National Gallery, Esterly Tibbetts Highway, SMB.