Joint Contract Committee

Members of CASE and CCA sitting in a joint contracts committee agreed with certain amendments, to adopt the AIA A101/A201 (2007) suite of documents as the recommended Cayman Islands form of construction contract.

The AIA suite was adopted for these reasons
  • It is a standard form of contract with a well-documented precedent
  • Cayman Islands industry practice and procurement is almost exclusively North American oriented
  • It is the most common form of contract in use in the Cayman Islands
  • Caymanian design and construction professionals mostly receive their training in architecture and building construction in North America and are thus familiar with the AIA form of contract
  • There is a family of AIA documents covering contract forms, contract administration and many other procedures
  • Education in these documents and their application, is readily available on line in webinars from professional and education sources such as the American Institute of Architects and the Construction Specification Institute

A construction contract cannot be imposed unilaterally, but it is recognised by parties that using one contract generally had advantages in that all parties can familiarise themselves with it, receive training on it, and generally come to understand the implications of its usage. This does not prevent parties proposing and developing other forms of contract for use in the Cayman Islands, but the intention is for CASE/CCA members to recommend the Form of Contract in all cases where practicable in order to maximise the usefulness of a well-known and understood common form of agreement and thus minimise grounds for confused contract management and possible disputes and conflict.

The purpose of the Committee is to review the documents, to identify and resolve any outstanding issues, review the practical issues of procuring documents, and to proceed to publish the approved Joint Form of Contract as soon as possible.