10 March 2019


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Cayman Society of Architects, Surveyors and Engineers was held at the Grand Old House, South Church Street, George Town.

The Honourable Minister of District Administration, Tourism & Transport, Moses Kirkconnell JP gave the Invitational Keynote Address and briefed Members on the proposed Port Improvement Scheme (Cruise Ship Berthing Facility).


1. Call to Order and establish Quorum of Members:

FR called the Meeting to order and established quorum.

2. President's report on the activities of the Society over preceding year:

2.1 Fellowship Awards: Confirmed evening function to be held on 29 May 2019- current 2017/2018 awardees Dr John Harvey, Sam Small and Cameron Graham to be ‘inducted’.

2.2 Website up-date: Website is now re-activated and will update Members on current CASE matters of interest in addition to providing a current valid Member’s Roll. AG to maintain website as Secretary.

2.3 Mentorship Programme: Regretfully no Mentorship programme in 2018 but is to be revived in 2019 under MR and CG’s able stewardship. Details will be published on website and in media in due course.

2.4 CASE as non-profit organisation: SS confirmed that CASE is now registered as non-profit organisation in compliance with Cayman Islands current law.

2.5 CPD Presentations: Continuing Professional Development presentations are to be re-activated from May/June 2019 on an ongoing basis- subjects, venue and dates will be published on website and in media in due course.

2.6 CASE accounting system: To be updated to Quickbooks under SS’s able assistance for improved accounting and reporting.

2.7 Membership certificates: To be issued in future to all members of good standing as present in the Membership Roll commencing with an issue to current members as of April 2019 and to be issued annually.

2.8 Governor’s Award programme 2019: The structure of the Programme is under review but the Awards evening has been confirmed with the Governor’s Office for Thursday 05 December 2019. Details and formatting will be published on website and in media in due course.

2.9 Draft Construction Professionals Registration Law: A final draft was presented to Ministry Commerce, Planning & Infrastructure in 2018 but was diverted from acceptance by intervention by the newly constituted Institute of Cayman Islands Architects. Discussions with this group are ongoing with a view to a resolution shortly.

2.10 Communications and liaison with CASE Membership: Members have been let down by not being adequately informed. FR called for better and more consistent communications with CASE Membership in future to better serve the interests of the Society and its membership.

3. Secretary's confirmation of the Membership Roll:

AG recommended that for the purposes of this AGM, the Membership of CASE be accepted as currently listed in the Member’s Roll on the CASE website. Proposed by MR Seconded by Member Garth Arch

4. Treasurer's statement of the Society’s accounts:

SS reiterated the decision to issue annual CASE membership certificates and called for the encouragement of new student members and for members from other sectors of the construction professional community as associate members to strengthen CASE’s advocacy work. SS reported and recommended acceptance of the CASE accounts for 2018/2019 which show income of CI$8,150-00 in this year and when added to CI$23,187-90 brought forward from 2017/2018, sets the CASE current capital account at CI$28,144-00 after expenses of CI$3,193-68 incurred this year. He also recommended converting the bank account to a Savings Account to save costs. Details of the accounts are attached as Appendix A.  Proposed by AG Seconded by PK

5. Election of officers for 2019/2020:

All members of CASE Council 2018/2019 stood down. Nominated for election to CASE Council 2019/2020 as provided for in the Draft CASE Constitution were

Past-President Frank Reed
President Mark Reed
Vice-President Diana Riviera
Secretary Andrew Gibb
Treasurer    Sam Small
Council Member Dave Johnston
Council Member Paul Key
Council Member Mike Stroh
Council Member         Cameron Graham (Co-Opt)

Those nominated were unanimously accepted and now constitute CASE Council 2019/2020.

6. Decisions taken by Council in preceding year to be ratified by Membership:


7. Acceptance of draft Constitution & Code of Conduct:

The Meeting decided by show of hands to defer acceptance of the draft CASE Constitution and Code of Condcut (2013) for 60 days in order to proof-read a final Draft and for Members to review and comment.

8. Any Other Business:

From Council:

Secretary AG called on CASE to be consulted more on planning and code matters intended for implementation by the relevant Ministry and Department- input by local practitioners is vital to the consultative process and should be bilateral not unilateral.

From the Floor:

Noting Department of Tourism comments following the CPA decision not to grant planning consent to a major hospitality development proposal on West Bay Road (North) that the Seven Mile Beach Corridor area is now ‘saturated’, Member Mike Stroh called for ‘vigilance’ against the perception that DoT is now the ‘official’ voice of Government policy on future development in the SMB Corridor.

Member Mike Pratt called for greater liaison and cooperation with the Cayman Islands Code Association regarding Cayman Islands Building Code derivation and implementation of updates and improvements.

We are still accepting membership renewal applications and subscription dues for the current year 2019. Please do spread the word among your colleagues. CASE is accepting nominations for membership across all construction industry professionals. If you have not yet paid your subscription dues, you may do so by completing a Renewal Form and forwarding it to casecayman@gmail.com.

CASE has important work to do and advocacy to carry out for which we need your support!