25 January 2019

The Draft National Planning Framework... Provocative or Overreach?

There are some interesting amendments proposed under the new Draft National Planning Framework...

  • Two new residential zones to be created- Estate Residential, Single Family Residential (which will exclude duplexes, multi-family residences)
  • General and Neighbourhood Commercial zones to include higher residential component in GT areas
  • Non-industrial land uses are to be prohibited in Industrial Zones to ensure land availability for future industrial use
  • New Airport Industrial Zone intended for logistics and related tech industries
  • Light Industrial Zones to be created in each District (presumably outside of GT area)
  • Existing Institutional Zone to be broken out into Institutional, Education and Civic Zones
  • New Neighbourhood Tourism Zone to be created- similar to Hotel Tourism but less dense, more diffuse, integrated with existing zone usage
  • Review setback and height requirements for Eastern Districts
  • Break out Land for Public Purpose into two zones- Public Open Space (Crown) and Community Open Space (Private)
  • Off-shore development (Coastal Works Licences) to be moved to CPA control- Coastal Zone to be established with its usage defined, possibly with several sub-Zones matching landside zones or usage
  • New Natural Resource Protection Overlay to be introduced- intended not to affect underlying usage, but may have additional compliance or mitigation requirements
  • Historic Overlay Zone expanded to Heritage Preservation Overlay with enhanced designation of historic /archealogical structures /artifacts of interest- includes definitions of allowable uses, gives designation control to the National Trust and may also protect views and vistas
  • New Land Subject to Acquisition Overlay intended to integrate Section 3 Roads Law boundary plans, public lands (beaches etc), National Conservation Council-designated protected areas, sanctuaries, nature reserves etc earmarked or identified for acquisition by Cayman Island Government
  • New Area Plans designation intended to focus on precincts such as Seven Mile Beach and to define at a more micro-level, short- and long-term development strategies, usage requirements etc- SMB Tourism Corridor Area Plan to be the first Area Plan to be created
  • Site Design Minimum Standards to be created and enforced- requirement for better and more consistent design of developments
  • Comprehensive Site /Building Design Guideline policy to be derived and implemented
  • Increased levels of sustainability in site and building design to be determined and implemented