28 March 2013


At the CASE AGM held on March 27th 2013 the society elected the 2013 officers and Council members as follows:

President: Jacqueline Bleicher
Past President: Craig Nixon
Vice President: Thomas Bleicher
Secretary: Sam Small and Kevin Drysdale
Treasurer: John Harvey
Council Member: Garth Arch
Council Member: Paul Key
Council Member: Martin Tedd

The 2013 CASE council - Kevin Drysdale, Sam Small, Thomas Bleicher, Jacqueline Bleicher, Paul Key (back row left to right), Martin Tedd and John Harvey (front left to right)
The Society also approved the following working and Special project committees and the respective committee chairs as follows:

Working Committees:
Membership Committee – Kevin Drysdale
Public Relations Committee – Craig Nixon
Fellowship Committee – Heber  Arch
Disciplinary Committee – Martin Tedd

Special Project Committees:
Governor’s Award Committee – G. Arch
Professional Engineers’ Registration Act Committee – G. Arch
Continuing Professional Development Committee – J. Bleicher
Mentorship Committee – J. Harvey / B. Fitzgerald
Contracts Committee – J. Scott

At the CASE AGM also held March 27th 2013 CASE thanked the 2012 CASE Executive for their hard work in furthering the objectives of CASE particularly:

Former CASE Secretary Mr. Andrew Gibb was acknowledged in his absence for his work, on the CASE Membership Drive. CASE currently has (74) members in good standing.

CASE Lecture Series
Executive Member Mrs. Jacqueline Bleicher for the Lecture Series, a series of monthly lunchtime lectures held at the Georgetown Public Library. CASE  also expressed gratitude to Mr. Ansel Tempral, Mrs. Tami Scott and Mr. Louis Mussington, Mr. Leroy Bodine, Mr.  John Doak, Mr. Alan Veeran,  Mr. Graham Morse and Mr. Martyn Bould for facilitating lectures.

Mentorship Program
Dr. John Harvey, the Director of the CASE Mentorship Program was thanked for his excellent work in coordinating the mentorship program which provides secondary school students interested in pursuing   a career in Architecture, Engineering and Surveying with  Career counseling and advice. Dr. John Harvey expressed thanks and appreciation to the participating Mentors Celecia Bancroft, Garth Arch, Chris Graham, Avatar Mathura, Bryan Fitzgerald, Louis Mussington, Frank Reed, Craig Nixon and Jonathan Ashton; and to the supporting organizations Arch & Godfrey, DRCL, Decco, CIG and Endless Energy.  Student graduates of the CMP were presented with their certificates at the President’s Awards ceremony.

Fellowship Program
The inaugural presentations to the new class of CASE Fellows was made to Heber Arch, Martyn Bould and (posthumously to) Bill Bissell at the President’s Awards ceremony for their exemplary contributions to the Society, the industry and the Cayman Islands during their careers.

Presidents Awards
The inaugural annual President’s Awards Ceremony was held in June at The National Gallery to celebrate the CMP students’ success in participating in the CASE Mentorship Program and to acknowledge the exceptional contributions of CASE Fellows.

CASE Contract Committee
CASE Council extends sincere thanks to Mr. Jim Scott (Chair),  Dr. Garth Arch,  Mr. Shayne Howe, Mr. Chris Graham, Mr. Lazarus Yotamu, Mr. Kevin Drysdale, for their work on the CASE contracts  and Mr. Heber Arch who gave them input and Mr. Norman Koo  provided advice on insurance clauses.

CASE Plans For 2013
CASE Plans for 2013 include the Presidents Awards to be held June 5th 2013 at the National Gallery, the Governor’s Awards, the continuation of the Mentorship Program for November 2013 and the rebranding of the CASE Lecture Series into the Continuing Education Lecture Series. CASE also intends to activate working committees to address the areas of membership, mentorship, continuing professional development, public relations, awards and other standing committees and special projects and as required. CASE members are invited to serve on these committees.