1 August 2012


Welcome to the new CASE Forum!

The Society is a voluntary gathering of Cayman Islands design and construction industry professionals who share a passion for the Cayman Islands built environment and the contribution they make to it every day.

These are not easy times in the Cayman Islands right now- our industry is suffering from a dearth of investment in new private sector projects and the Government has cut back on capital expenditure outside of essential infrastructural work. Design professionals are having to cope with reduced workloads and contractors are operating on the thinnest of margins on current work, with little prospect of better conditions for either in the immediate future.

The Society is committed to the advocacy of our interests in the wider Caymanian community as well as those concerns and issued centred on our professional lives, and must be alert to the subtle changes that define our work and affect our day-to-day operations.

This Forum is intended in an informal way, to provide a commentary on current issues that impact on our industry as well as intelligence on future trends that inform the economic and political environment of the Cayman development and construction industry.

Comments and snippets of information are always welcome from you the Membership, and we invite you to submit them as well as your good advice, to casecayman at googlemail dot com.

CASE Council